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Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians

This is pretty self-explanatory. My top ten favorite standd-up comedians/ A lot of greats like Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Gabriel Iglesias, Mitch Hedberg, etc didn't make it, but they are great, so yeah, shut up. By the way, there's not as much explanation for each pick as usual, I found stand-up comedians to be more difficult to talk about without repeating myself than I'd hope, but I tied. So... Here's the list!

10. Brian Posehn - Posehn is a big, lovable, awkward Metalhead/gamer/comic nerd with a bald head and a face full of beard. He's probably the most personally relatable comedian on this list. He's hilarious, references awesome shit, and makes his entire life, and even himself into one huge running gag. The only issue really, is he doesn't have a whole lot of stand-up stuff. He has other amazing work including his own album full of guest appearances by Metal legends, but his stand-up career, as far as released material, is, while hysterical, rather barren unfortunately.

9. Greg Giraldo - The late, great King of Roasts was a terribly underrated comedian. He always destroyed when he came up to the podium for Comedy Central's annual "look at this big name we got, please watch us again" festival. But Mr. Giraldo also had amazing stand-up work for those who cared enough to look into it or were lucky enough to stumble upn it like I was. Energetic, self-deprecating, and calloused, I think, are the three best words (at least that I thought of in the five seconds of effort I put in) to describe his performances. he wasn't afraid to attack anyone or anything, which was cool, because he'd attack himself ten fold. It's a shame that he left as soon as he did, I feel he was reaching the height of his creativity, and he was more popular than ever. He may have finally gotten the recognition he deserves. Rest in peace and all that jazz.

8. Demitri Martin - Demitri is an awkward, nerdy, skinny kid with floppy hair, genius level student that happens to have an astoundingly witty and hilarious sense of humor. He uses props like whiteboards and powerpoints in his jokes, making you feel like you're in the most hilarious college class ever, except you're actually learning something instead of playing on your phone and thinking you're sneaky. I hope when I get back into college, Demitri's finally gotten a teaching gig, and it happens to be in a small school in an above average sized city in the northeast. Yeah, it's good to have nonsensical and unobtainable dreams.

7. Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy is and was a comedic genius. His penchant for family-friendly movies over the last decade and a half has lead many to See him as little more than your kid's favorite funny man. But he gained his game with amazing, often less than appropriate comedies like Trading Places, The Golden Child, Beverly Hills Cop, and Coming to America. He was even in elite comedic form in movies like The Nutty Professor and Dr. Dolittle, and even animated roles in Shrek and Mulan. But that has nothing to do with this, I just want you all to know that he is a great comedian, despite his recent history. That said, before all that, he was the elite among elite stand-up comedians. "Raw" is quite possibly the greatest comedy show ever recorded, and is legendary among fans of stand-up comedy and fans of laughter and enjoyment in general. You owe it to yourself to watch this, it's absolute gold. The only reason Eddie is so low on my personal list, is that he has such a small body of work in stand-up, making his appeal to me last less than those with many different specials under their belt.

6. Frank Caliendo - Caliendo is the biggest impressionist working today, he'd likely tell you in more ways than one. A naturally hilarious guy, this is only emphasized by his many spot-on impressions of celebrities like George Bush, Al Pacino, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler (which he needs to implement much more often), Jerry Seinfeld, Robin WIlliams, David Letterman, Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, and Willian Shatner. Caliendo's constant switching of voices and personality is a fucking riot, and his own self-analytical humor is great too. Caliendo's a medium recommendation if you're just a human being, but a "BATSHIT CRAZY YES!!" recommendation if you happen to be a big sports fan like me. His impressions of sports personalities like Terry Bradshaw, Jim Rome, Charles Barkley, and his most famous, John Madden, are pure gold.

5. Dan Cummins - I've only known about Dan Cummins for a couple years, but, as you can clearly see, he's quickly flown up my list of favorite stand-up comedians. Cummins is the most fucked up and interesting mind I've seen in comedy in a long time, possibly since the great, twisted Lewis Black (spoilers?).Everything from games you play with strangers in elevators, to people watching adventures, to squirreladors, there's no subject he won't touch, and definitely no subject he won't twist to the point where you'd feel bad if you weren't too busy roflcopering (yep, that was just said) in a hysterical rage. he's still fairly unknown, but with his own comedic perfection, and Netflix housing his second special, that had better change soon!

4. Dave Chappelle - Cheppelle shouldn't really need an explanation. He's one of the most hilarious human beings on the face of the planet. He's a man that attacks all groups of people, attacks society as a whole, and seems to do so from a surprisingly relatable perspective. He's intelligent but not hard to understand, he's witty but not pretentious, he's just got the comedy formula down to a tee. it's a shame that the fame got to him and put his career on hold, though who knows how much the quality would have dipped under that pressure. he was Eddie Murphy in his prime without the deep-seeded desire to be accepted by all, or the acting chops... Or the hair.

3. Brian Regan - Brian Regan is the every man's comedian. Hysterically analytical about life and society, a physical as well as verbal comedian, relatable to most people in some way, a kind and likable guy, and he makes you roll on the floor without swearing once. If you live on this earth, you've had an experience he talks about. He's by far the funniest comedian you can watch with your kids, ranted they may not know too much about the eye doctor or dealing with UPS. But they can relate to pinning the tail on their friends and playing baseball for free snowcones.

2. Lewis Black -  Lewis Black, at least according to his on-stage persona, is probably the angriest old man I've ever witnessed. He's pissed off about the world, about the government, about people, and he's going to make sure you hear it. And he's right for the most part, delivering it ina harsh, over-exaggerated tone that only adds to the cynical hilarity. Lewis Black is a man that can make you laugh, but also make you think about how fucked up and crazy most of the people sitting right next to you at his show are.

1. George Carlin - Speaking of eye-opening comedians, no one has ever or likely will ever do it better than the late legend, George Carlin. Whether it be religion, government, materialism, airports, consumerism, the government, entertainment media, executions, the joys of bloodsport, stupid names, or the occasional dick and fart jokes, there's not one thing George Carlin wouldn't talk about or couldn't find issue with, and, whether you agreed with him or not, he always made far too valid an argument for a sensible person to take offense anyway. besides, you'd probably bee too busy trying to breathe through your fits of laughter to get a word in anyway. he realized just how fucked up every aspect of society is, and while appreciating all he had, was never afraid to crush the typical idealism many people cling to. He made the world think, laugh, and appreciate what we have, while motivating us to improve it, for 52 years, over 14 comedy specials, 10 CD's separate from those specials multiple televisions and movie roles, 5 books with an upcoming posthumous 6th, he influenced many of the comedians on this list, and many people the world over, including yours truly. I don't think i'd be the person I am without having ever heard, read or seen George Carlin. which is pretty impressive for a guy that made his life telling jokes on stage.

That's my list, it's better than yours, yours sucks. Comment and stuff. Twitter @SycoMantis1991

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