Monday, January 13, 2014

Top Ten Icey Character Things

To celebrate the freezingass temperatures we've experienced lately, and because my laptop screen broke the night before Christmas Eve, when I planned on releasing this, there are my Top Ten Ice People... Things... beings... in media.

10. Killer Frost - Killer Frost is, plain and simple, the epitome of "psycho bitch". After accidentally being locked in a thermo frost chamber, she gained the power to freeze basically anything, even succeeding in bringing an ice age to all of New York City at one point. Unlike most with her powers, she uses heat as an aid to conduct her powers, meaning fire-based attacks only serve to strengthen her where it'd be detrimental, if not deadly to many with similar powers. After gaining her powers, she went on a murderous rampage, and in many appearances, she's been shows to take jobs, such as that with Gorrilla Grogg's Legion of Doom, just for the opportunity to kill. She's awesomely sadistic and powerful. The only reason she's not higher is that much of her motivation stems from her man-hating nature that is fueled by being rejected by a professor in high school... Really? Come on!

9. Frost Walrus - Frost Walrus is the (shockingly) ice-wielding member of the Maverick Repliforce from one of my favorite games, Mega Man X4. He's in charge of guarding their snow base an d the weapon under construction there. Flipper here has an abnormal lust for destroying shit and proves so in his boss battle, implementing barrages of deadly giant ice spoke and even his own body as a weapon of destruction. he's not the most memorable or toughest Maverick, but he has one of my favorite levels, and being an average Maverick means he's still pretty badass.

8. Jin Kisagari - Jin is kind of an overachieving douchebag with a chip on his shoulder for no apparent reason. He attempted to kill his siter out of the jealousy he had for her closeness to his brother despite his douchebaggery being the obvious reason that this was the case. he's the former head of an elite military squad, and isn't afraid to drown you in his superiority. So why's he so high on this list? I just plain fucking love using him in blazblue, he's by far my go-to character. I mean, he hoverboards upon a giant glass sword as an attack! You are not capable of arguing with that.

7. Yukina - Yukina isn't so much a user of ice (at least that I've seen), but she was born in and lives in the coldest depths of the world, and she's a demon. She's a cute ice demon, that can heal pretty much any wound, and is probably the most kind and lovable person ever. In a show about fighting demons with mystical powers, she really stands out, and oddly fits right in. Aside from her introductory story arc where she's kidnapped and forced to make diamonds for some rich douchebag, which is more of a setup for the Dark Tournament saga, she doesn't do a whole lot besides cheer the team on sometimes. But she's cute, charming, and a counter-balance to pretty much every other hyper-violent demon (Kurama notwithstanding, but he still fights a lot) in the show Especially considering who her brother is (OMG SPOILERS)

6. Winter Warlock - The Winter Warlock is the most nostalgic character on this list for me. I love the old stop-motion Christmas specials, and Santa Claus is Comin' to Town is perhaps my favorite, very much so due to this guy, well him and Burgermeister Meisterburger. A grumpy old, well, warlock, who's taught the gift of joy by Mr. Claus in one of the most catchy and stupidly amusing tunes in film history. He's  surprisingly deep character that probably goes through the biggest transition of anyone throughout the movies. And when he wants to be, he can be an all-powerful badass. Just call him "Gandalf The Sky

5. Gray Fullbuster - Gray is the newest character on here, by quite a bit. I've recently gotten into the Fairy Tail anime, and Gray is one of the best characters. He has a deep and intense backstory, insanely powerful and creative magical abilities, and has shown unwavering dedication to his friends and willingness to leap into the heat of battle to defend what he loves or believes in. To the point that he's, on more than one occasion, shown a willingness to, and even attempted to off himself in order to protect those he cares for, and the world itself. Also, ice magic looks awesome, and when you can make a character who has a habit of removing his shirt seem like a total badass, that's elite writing.

4. Frozone - Frozone is just awesome incarnate. He's like Iceman voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. I really shouldn't need to say more, but I suppose I will. Frozone is a retired superhero called back to action when a new threat arrives (pretty simplistic, I know). But it's a lot more awesome when Samuel L. Jackson is balancing superheroing and being a family man. To be honestly, I can't go into a lot more depth as it's been a long time since I saw more than just clips from the movie, but I really don't need to. MACE WINDU AND JULES AS A SUPERHERO. Watch The Incredicles.

3. Mr. Freeze - Mr. Freeze is probably the best character here, he's jsut not my favorite. he's pretty much the definition of a tragic figure. After his wife was struck with a fatal illness, Victor Fries placed her in suspended animation until he was able to fund a cure, but due to his lack of funds, the corporation paying for his research pulled the plug, causing an accident leaving him cold-blooded and unable to survive at anything above sub zero temperatures. While he's not a bad person, he's so dedicated to saving his wife, that he'll commit any atrocity necessary to achieve his goals. I think that's some deep shit right there. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays him in Batman & Robin and it's beyond hilarious, and needs to be experienced.

2. Sub-Zero - Sub-Zero was obviously a shoo-in. The ice-powered kung fu master is easily the msot recognizable ice-wielding character in gaming, and perhaps all of entertainment. With the ability to freeze people, make ice clones in a split second, generate awesome speed by sliding on his own ice, and the fact that he's a martial arts aficionado, that sometimes weilds a hugeass sword, and there's really no reason to not put him on here. His lore is surprisingly deep too, but I don't feel like going into it, he'd be here either way.

1. Iceman - This may seem like a lame choice, but hear me out. Iceman is a fucking badass. He has pretty much limitless ice power and ice-crafting capabilities, he's one of the strongest X-Men, he's a snarky ass much like The Flash but a tad less cocky, he's MADE OUT OF ICE BUT NEVER MELTS SOMEHOW CUZ HE'S A BOSS, he's just extremely fun to watch or read, and steals every scene he's in. Also, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is maybe my favorite fighting game, and my best character, (when I'm not fighting someone who's seen me use him a lot) is Iceman. He can wreck your shit from long range, close range, or he can knock you into the air and wail on you from above, and he has one of the only specials that covers almost the entire area in front of him. A little bit of bias, but that's the point of this, and he's awesome either way.

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