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Top 10 Dragon Ball Side Characters

Just like it says, my 10 favorite DB/Z/GT side characters. No main or movie villains, no "Z Fighters", no significant characters like Roshi, Bulma, etc. So, here it is...

10. Caterpy - There's not a whole lot known about this guy. All we really got was a quick introduction and one fight, one which he lost. But you can't deny how stupidly awesome this character is. First of all, his name is Caterpy. I'd like to think Game Freak were big DBZ fans. Not not mention, he's a giant, intergalactic, half-man, half-caterpillar that defeats his opponents by tickling them into submission, which I think Olibu sums up best when he says "South Quadrant must be a very peaceful place". When Goku finally lands a hit on him, he tears up and cocoons himself to achieve his ultimate form. The best part? Said form takes approximately 1,200 to achieve. He's just so useless yet so confident, it's awesome. I hope I get to see the time his final form hatches and just wrecks shit. Goku and Vegeta get sent from the dead, Bills tries to stop him, they're all just tossed aside. EVERYONE SHALL FEAR THE TERRIBLE MIGHT OF CATERPY!!!

9. Android 15 - There's even less known about 15, besides being pretty damn strong. He's basically a jive black man with sunglasses. He's like the Jynx of DBZ. I'm no racist, but I find this blatant stereotype to be hilarious. Also, he has huge pink lips and drinks out of a flask. He's an android that consumes alcohol. He's JYNX AND BENDER IN ONE. With a sombrero.

8. King Chappa - King Choppa oozes badass. He looks like Jules from Pulp Fiction if he was a karate master. When we see him for the first time, he's already past his prime, being a former champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament. He can move his fists so fast, that he invented his own "Eight-Handed Technique" which, as you'd probably guess, moves so fast that it seems the fist-to-face ratio has quadrupled in his favor. He gives Goku a great challenge in the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament, and not much of one in the 23rd. But come on, he's awesome. And he's still one of the stronger fighters in Dragon Ball. I wish we'd seen more of him at his best, when he won the title, he did so without being touched once all tournament. Does he LOOK  like a bitch!?

7. Monster Carrot - Monster Carrot is just pure awesome. he's an anthropomorphic rabbit dude, who knows martial arts, runs a gang in the desert, and solicits fear and power by turning townsfolk into carrots. Yeah, he knows martial arts, turns people into carrots, and is a RABBIT. WITH TOTALLY PIMPIN' SHADES. I know this isn't very long, but there isn't much known about or seen from him, he's just too epic to ignore.

6. Abo/Kado/Aka - For those who don't know, Abo and Cado are brothers who have been terrorizing the planet on which Vegeta's brother, Tarble resides. They're former high-ranking henchmen of Frieza's, whom since his death have grown in power to rival even Frieza himself. When pushed to their limits in battle, they perform an instantaneous fusion technique, that transforms them into Aka, and becoming even stronger. Unfortunately, they

showed up long after Frieza's demise, and therefore was were match for most of the Z fighters, to the point that even Yamcha was able to be of assistance against him. He presents an interesting measuring stick for how far Earth's warriors have come since Namek's destruction, and an entertainingly sad end to what years ago would be a deadly foe, and is to much of the galaxy. Also, AboKado? Fucking really!? I love it!

5. Uub - Uub is a special case, I thought about putting Giru here honestly, but he's basically a main character for the longest saga of GT. Uub on the other hand is severely underused. I mean, he's Goku's protege, and he's been seen competing with Goku without coming close to using his full power. Then later in GT, he fuses with Majin Buu, THE Majin Buu, and still gets destroyed. He's always one of the strongest, but there's always some way he's not allowed to compete. He has great potential to be what Gohan was intended to me as the next champion of Earth, and he's just robbed at every turn. He sacrifices part of who he is for a major power boost when he forms with Buu just to get owned by Baby, and he even has a chance to win the Martial Arts Tournament and Majin Buu's all like "ooh Mr. Satan's the champeen, you ain't allowed to beat him." Because having a new, young, super-powered champion would make the world feel so much less safe, as if they don't get that a guy in his 50's may be past his prime (no matter how fabricated that prime is to begin with). I know I went on a tangent, but he's a great character. Caring but tough, powerful with unlimited potential at a young age, and a totally selfless person resurrected from the once-great evil of Buu. But he gets cheated at every turn, even with the little screen-time he gets. He's basically the Tien Shinhan of GT, but with even less significance.

4. Baba's Four Champions - To start off, I'm not including her fifth fighter in this, because he's not really part of the group, he's more or less partaking in a mutual favor by fighting when he does in the show/manga. What I love about these four is, while being fairly tough as it is, their cheesy horror movie-ness is what makes them amazing. The first is Fangs The Vampire, he's a blue kickboxing vampire... that dances! Next is See-Through The Invisible Man, who (spoiler alert) is invisible. He likes to use his invisibility to pummel his opponents while spouting terrible puns. Next 

is bandages The Mummy, he's a stereotypical big dude wrapped in bandages, that uses those bandages to wrap up his opponents before using classic wrestling moves to beat them down, he also spew overly dramatic and "intimidating" dialogue that comes off as simply hilarious. Lastly, Spike The Devil man. Get it? Spike? Cuz of the horns?! He's by far the most powerful of the three, just as lame and cheesy in design and character, but manipulating the negativity of the world and concentrating it into powerful beam attacks. In short, these guys are awesome cheese incarnate. And I love cheese... Mmm...

3. Dabura - I'm sure most people who know their DBZ would guess this guy would be here. Dabura is the universally feared King of Demons. Sporting power superior to that of even Cell, and making him about  even with the average Super Saiyan 2. He's technically the 2nd strongest villain in DBZ history behind Buu, though unfortunately among the least fleshed out. He looks badass, he has an awesome voice. He uses an awesome sword, he's a wise fighter and excellent strategist. Even in his short tenure, he's pretty damn effective. He kills Kibito effortlessly, turns Piccolo and Krillin into stone, then fights about evenly with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. He's stated as being measurably though not greatly stronger than Cell at his peak, and therefore, if he hadn't been under Babidi's influence and attacked Earth even a few years prior, he would have been a deadly threat with Gohan being the only one who could compete with hi, though not being used to ascending yet, even he could have fallen. Dabura's awesome, the end. Oh, and that sword kick ass. It shoots beams and shiz!

2. Nam - Nam is probably the greatest person/being on this list. A man who traveled cross-country to compete in the Martial Arts Tournament to earn the money to purchase water for his barren homeland (obviously not having traveled far enough to know how plentiful it is other places). He's proven to be pure of heart due to his ability to ride the Numbus Cloud, and one of Goku's toughest challenges in Dragon Ball. Utilizing great martial arts skills as well as the devastating Cross Arm Dive that's said to incapacitate the greatest of fighters for over a 

week. He's a rather simple character, but he's a great person and powerful character, stealing every scene he's in, and making the few times he has fun all the more epic. And he's one of the only characters to appear in all 3 Dragon Ball series', showing that even Toriyama and everyone else who's touched the franchise loves him just as much.

1. Pikkon - I knew who'd be number one before I started putting this list together. Pikkon just oozes epic. He's powerful enough to compete with a Super Saiyan 2 Goku, utilizes elemental attacks such as fire and wind, which is a nice departure from the different colored energy attacks seen in most of the show, he's a great character that's well-developed for his lack of screen time, and he raises so many questions. When he comes up, I often wish I could see him battling as the hero of his own planet, see what kind of villains he fought to attain the absurd power he has (I realize he trained after death, but so did others who dies prior and he wrecks them all), the world he comes from, etc. He's just so awesome, it makes me wish I knew more, and especially got to see more.

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