Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 8 Disney Animated Movies.

Not based on quality or significance, this is my favorite animated disney movies. Not including Pixar or anything like that, just the typical 2D animated flicks. Why eight? because it's hard after these eight!

8. The Sword in the Stone:

This is an amazing movie. It has so much going for it. Great animation, a simple but enjoyable story, funny, great characters, and a setting you can do anything with. The problem is, a lot of that potential went to waste.First of all, this movie is only 75 minutes long. That's not a horrible run-time, but it's very disappointing when it takes about 50 minutes for the movie to really get going. It's fun and interesting throughout, but nothing happens with the story between about the 10 and 50-minute marks. There is so much they could have done with the movie that just didn't happen. Everything important takes place suddenly then ends in no time, feeling nothing like a true end, and I was honestly shocked when the credits stopped rolling. It's a fabulous and fun movie, with potential to be my favorite Disney flick ever, but so little was done with such a promising and strong combination characters, humor, and story.

7. 101 Dalmatians:

This definitely isn't a common one. At least from what I can tell, a lot of people find this to be quite the bore. While I can definitely see why, I thoroughly enjoy it. It's a more mellow and relaxed movie than most Disney animated features, but I enjoy that. I think it does a good job of moving along without forcing anything to happen to fast or leaving the viewer behind. It also adds more depth to the characters than most Disney movies. You feel like you know many of the puppies, the parents, and the humans, as well as some of the side characters fairly well by the end of it all. This also adds to the movie because you care more about what comes of them more than usual. It's a comfortable yet energetic journey with characters you grow attached to, and it, it just feels good to watch it.

6. The Jungle Book:

I shouldn't have to say anything about The Jungle Book. It's hilarious, the characters are memorable, the songs are great, and it has one of the most intriguing stories and villains in Disney history. With the first two I tried too hard to be spoiler-free, but screw it. It's The Jungle Book and you've all seen it! The idea of a human growing up among animals is a very intriguing prospect. We see Mowgli both kinder and more loyal as a result, but also more dimwitted and ignorant. He isn't an ape amongst apes or a man amongst apes, he's a blend of natural human instinct and the survival instincts learned from life in the wild. All the animals embrace primal isntinct a little more than he does, while he tries to see the good in all and it creates a great dynamic. Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan (KHAN!!!), Louie, and the underappreciated Kaa are all awesome, hilarious, and make the movie what it is. It's a decently accurate recreating of a late 1800's novel, but Disney's character writing is what makes it a classic of its own as opposed to a lazy rehashing. It's fun, hilarious and engrossing.

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Another very underrated flick. Mostly, I feel, because it radiates a more serious tone and the main character is a human male with an abnormality. This is possibly the most powerful and emotionally-charged Disney movie out there. Yes, I did include a gunshot in the middle of an empty forest landscape once in Bambi. It's a story of oppression, acceptance, and surprisingly blatant religious corruption. Quasimodo is a very lovable and relatable character, especially to the socially abnormal like myself. The love interest is strong and realistic, and she takes a surprise turn at the end. But the best part is Frollo. He's the definition of a villain you love to hate. He's so tyrannical and cruel, so manipulative and cunning, and so insane. He also gets one of the best songs in all of Disney. Also, the gargoyles are fairly amusing so it's not all super serious and mopey.

4. Hercules:

First of all, this isn't a very good movie. The plot is nonsensical, and the love interest and main character are both bland, but I love it. I love the animation, the action, the Greek mythology, and Hades. James Woods as Hades may be my favorite Disney Villain ever. He's maniacal, smart, and hilarious. I honestly don't have a whole lot to say. It's great fun even though it's not particularly well-crafted.

3. The Great Mouse Detective:

THE Most underrated Disney movie ever. Bar none. One of the best adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. Basil is a smart, witty, hilarious Sherlock character and Dawson provides a great counter-balance as his Watson. The movie begins with one of the most shocking scenes in any Disney movie that leads to the two investigating a crime that quickly grows into a national crisis. This is truly engrossing due to the villain, another who's among my favorites. Ratigan is a delightfully twisted mad genius voiced by Vincent Price. I don't think I need to say more than that. A lot of you haven't watched it, but it's a necessity to your quality of life that you do.

2. The Lion King:

It's The Lion King. If you need me to explain it, go out and buy your first TV. It's the most popular Disney movie for a reason. It's a great story, emotional yet funny, serious but light-hearted, and great in almost every way. there are too many memorable characters to list. Mufasa, Simba, Timon, Pumba, Rafiki, and the epic Scar. I'm grasping for things to say. It's Lion King, watch it again.

1. Aladdin:

PRINCE ALIIIIIII, FABULOUS, HEEEEEEEEEE, ALI ABABWAAA!! I mean, yeah, favorite Disney movie. It's a Disney movie where the romance is there but takes a back seat, the main character is shown as a flawed person and isn't immediately cleansed by the things that happen but still grows in a believable manner. The villain is awesome, intelligent, capable, and comes closer to winning than I believe any has, except maybe Satan in Fantasia. Iago and Genie are two of the funniest characters in Disney, and the plot takes so many twists and turns, leading to an epic conclusion. It's, it's just great. And that music. I'm gonna stop myself before I can't stop. If you haven't watched Aladdin, your life sucks and you need to.

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