Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Rikku is a Better Love Interest than Yuna


First of all, I love Final Fantasy X. It's very possible that I've sunk more hours into Final Fantasy X than any other game in existence. The story has so many layers, the characters are all complex and interesting, the combat is smooth and fast while doing nothing but adding strategy, and the art design is absolutely sublime. That being said, one thing always plagues me whenever I play through one of my favorite games. I want to get with Rikku, dammit!

For the record, because people will say this, you may think I wanna get with Rikku because she's "hot" and wears that frilly outfit in the second game. First of all, I much prefer her first game attire, the completely concealing shirt, the hair tied up, though to be fair, those shorts don't exactly hurt. The thing is, her personality is just better in every way. Maybe this is subjective, but I think it's also pretty blatant, at least from my point of view.

Yuna's definitely not a bad character. She's young and beautiful, driven and strong, naive but always learning and growing. She tries her best to be strong and defiant in the face of overwhelming odds for the benefit of her compatriots, and she'll throw herself in front of anything for anyone. But she's also rather bland, she's held on this deity-esque pedestal from the moment you meet her, and she has pretty horrible taste in clothing. Outside of the river scene, her attempts at insulting Seymour, and the trial in Bevelle, you really don't see much personality from her at all. They try to make her more edgy in X-2, but like most of that game, it just doesn't work, it's not her. You can't help but feel for her, but at the same time, who really wants to be with a bland person with such a clouded, and some think nonexistent future to boot? Be honest.

Rikku on the other hand, is very different from her cousin (told you there'd be spoilers). She's also strong-willed and selfless, but not at the expense of actual character. She's excitable, quirky, sweet, smart, much more level-headed, she questions the whole "throw summoners at Sin every decade and it'll be cool" thing like any sensible person should, and she's so damn adorable. Yeah, I said it, and I said it like a man! She's as cute as video game characters get. She has gorgeous eyes, a great smile, may sound weird, but, nice facial structure, and an adorable voice. Oh yeah, datassdoesn'thurtIguess. She's better looking, has a great personality, and she has another thing going for her. SHE'S NOT EXPECTED TO DIE! She's better (at least more desirable to me) AND she's going to live through it all, or at least if she doesn't it's likely because you all suck and got killed, but even if you succeed, Yuna's probably boned.

Anyway, point is, Rikku's one of my favorite video game characters, and the only thing that would make the inevitable remaster worth buying is if you can choose to mack Rikku instead (which won't happen). I was going to do a "Top Love Interests Thingamajig" but I really didn't feel like it, so deal.

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